ANSYS Fluids 2020 R1 Update

10 mrt. 2020 17:00 — 18:00 Add this to Calendar

Anyone can get great CFD simulation results with ANSYS solutions. The latest innovations and updates simplify and speed setup and meshing while adding even more accurate physical models. The outcome: great results, without compromise.

ANSYS Fluent is easier to use
A streamlined workflow enables anyone to set up complex multiphase simulations in Fluent. A single tabbed panel organizes multiphase setup into a logical, step by step flow that even novice users can follow. For a benchmark gas-liquid pipe flow simulation, the new multiphase setup is 25% faster while eliminating the need to find and interact with 17 separate software locations.

More ANSYS CFD solutions:

  • AIAD model accurately simulates complex multiphase regime transitions
  • Detailed electrochemistry model optimizes lithium-ion battery cells
  • ANSYS CFX Harmonic Analysis is 2X faster, expanded to multifrequency analysis
  • Complex fluid–structure interactions are faster and easier to set up and solve 

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