ANSYS Twin Builder Webinar

7 nov. 2019 14:00 — 15:00 Add this to Calendar

Build, Validate and Deploy Complete Systems Simulations and Digital Twins for Predictive Maintenance.

ANSYS Twin Builder improves predictive maintenance outcomes to save on warranty and insurance costs and optimize your product’s operations.

To validate your system and ensure expected performance, Twin Builder combines multidomain systems simulation capabilities with rapid human-machine interface (HMI) prototyping, systems optimization and XiL validation tools.

To connect your twin to test or real-time data, Twin Builder easily integrates with industrial internet of things (IIoT) platforms and contains runtime deployment options, allowing you to perform predictive maintenance on your physical product.

It is the only product that offers a packaged approach for your digital twin strategy.

In cooperation with our German colleagues of CADFEM GmbH we are organizing a webinar to inform you about what ANSYS Twin Builder can bring to your organization. The webinar is scheduled for Thursday November 7 from 14.00h until 15.00h.

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