EMI/EMC Design Challenges in the 5G Era

2 okt. 2019 17:00 — 18:00 Add this to Calendar

5G will be a big step in wireless communication technology connecting billions of devices on an enormous scale with instant data on-demand. While bringing numerous benefits, 5G presents new EMI / EMC design challenges due to several new technologies that are now featuring on user equipment such as massive MIMO, advanced antenna beamforming at mm-wave spectrum, carrier aggregation and extreme high-speed digital signals on the hardware front. Consequently, new EMI challenges and the key to delivering the promise of 5G is simulation. In this webinar you will learn:

  • How ANSYS tools are used to predict EMI / EMC early in the design cycle 
  • Overview of EMP, Lightning, ESD and Radiated and Conducted emissions / susceptibility simulations 
  • How to design a finite antenna array system in ANSYS HFSS and evaluate its performance when installed on 5G platforms
  • Calculate Power Density from user equipment for 5G certification
  • Simulate 5G city scenarios and investigate margin and interference analysis scenarios including thermal loading
  • Predict beamforming EMI effects into digital signals (DDR bus) on a 5G smartphone

 Speaker: Juliano Mologni, EMI/EMC Senior Product Manager


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