A Changing Simulation Paradigm..

A hundred years ago, Henry Ford promised customers that their car could be painted any color so long as it was black. Today, color is the least of the auto industry’s challenges. The car of the 21st century must be fuel-efficient and robust, technologically savvy and affordable, and manufactured quickly on the line without defects. It must meet increasingly stricter government regulations. And the vehicle must incorporate fast-evolving electronic, communication and software technology that hardly existed a few years ago.
Automakers and their supply chain already apply engineering simulation to address some of today’s problems: fuel-efficiency standards, potential warranty issues (with reputation and financial consequences), and the transition to hybrid and electric vehicles (H/EVs). They also embrace big ideas - disruptive technology - like self-driving cars. But the key to success is how the industry leverages the big-picture power of simulation to innovate, fulfill consumer demands, comply with stringent regulatory demands, and meet development time, cost and performance  targets. Said another way, how effectively are companies deploying a common enterprise-level simulation platform?

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