A New Spin on Appliances

Leading household appliance manufacturer in Switzerland V-ZuG AG has a reputation for regularly developing and launching “world firsts” and building innovation into its products, such as a kitchen range extraction hood that is not only beautiful but provides excellent ventilation. These products reflect the company’s philosophy of building to suit the most demanding customer expectations. Committed to environmental efficiency, V-ZuG was named the “most trusted brand on environmental issues in Switzerland” as a result of a recent Reader’s Digest study.

As a purveyor of precision Swiss engineering, V-ZuG began using finite element analysis in 1996 to determine whether appliance components could withstand loading, to evaluate sealing performance, to avoid resonances at operating frequencies and more. V-ZuG’s original finite element code was a powerful tool, but one had to have a considerable amount of specialized knowledge and training to navigate and leverage its full value. After an extensive search for simulation software to better meet its evolving needs, V-ZuG found that structural mechanics software from ANSYS supported by CADFEM, the local ANSYS channel partner, best met their requirements. These requisites included integration with the CATIA® V5 CAD system, ease-of-use for designers, and simulation power needed by analytical specialists.

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