A Perfect Fit

Nearly all marine structural components are custom designed for a specific application. It is also a fact that the highly competitive shipping market has no room for slack. Therefore, advanced ship builders and cargo system suppliers must optimize their structural designs to meet specific application needs. The bottom line: The structure’s materials must be in the exact right place - where they best support the needs of the cargo system and enable efficient marine cargo transports. An optimized steel structure with no excess weight translates into optimized and flexible space for transported cargoes.

To address such issues accurately and efficiently, MacGregor Dry Cargo’s engineering department and researchers at Tampere University of Technology developed an automated solution for optimizing marine structures; at the same time, the solution ensures that the structures are able to handle the required operating loads. This is done by means of a script that drives an ANSYS template file to perform a finite element analysis (FEA) on a series of design points.

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