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Released to wide international recognition in 2009 - including being named to Time magazine’s list of best gadgets - the Dyson Air Multiplier™ fan is a both technical and stylistic re-imagining of the household fan. By accelerating air over a ramp, the design eliminates fan blades as well as the buffeting and turbulence associated with these household appliances.

From the outset, however, Dyson engineers faced the challenge of developing and optimizing the design of an original new fan without the benefit of previous experience with this type of design. Historically, the company relied on physical prototyping for design development, but resulting cost and time constraints limit the ability to evaluate hundreds of design candidates needed to optimize a new product. To complement experimental testing and reduce development time for this new fan, Dyson’s engineers used fluid dynamics software from ANSYS to evaluate up to 10 different designs per day.

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