Catch the Next Wave

If all the ocean’s energy could be harnessed, it would produce more than 500 times the global energy consumption. The practical potential for wave energy worldwide is projected to be between 2 trillion and 4 trillion kilowatt hours per year. The World Energy Council estimates that about 10 percent of worldwide energy demand could realistically be met by harvesting ocean energy.

But wave power is a much less mature technology than solar or wind power or, especially, fossil fuel. A tremendous amount of work lies ahead in optimizing the design of wave power systems. Researchers must improve efficiency and reduce costs to the point that these systems can make a major contribution to meeting global energy requirements.

Columbia Power Technologies (COLUMBIA POWER), LLC, is attempting to harness this potential by developing commercially viable and scalable wave power generation systems. In conjunction with Oregon State University, the company is working to develop and commercialize innovative wave energy harvesting devices.

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