Designing Supercomputers

Positioned at the forefront of the supercomputing space with 30 years’ experience in the successful development of high-performance systems, Fujitsu cooperates with leading organizations to apply supercomputing to address increasingly complex social, environmental and business challenges. Fujitsu co-developed the K supercomputer with RIKEN, which was first on the TOP500 ranking of supercomputers in 2011.
The K supercomputer again took first place in the 2015 Graph 500 supercomputer ranking, which gauges the ability of supercomputers to handle complex data problems in areas such as cybersecurity, medical informatics, data enrichment, social networks, symbolic networks and modeling neuronal circuits in the brain. The same technology used in the K supercomputer is used in Fujitsu’s commercial supercomputer products PRIMEHPC FX10TM and FX100TM.


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