Gathering Dust

Wet scrubbers are frequently applied in industrial processes, such as removing pollutants from furnace flue gas and sticky particles from process streams. The greatest challenge in designing wet scrubbers is to remove the maximum amount of particles while minimizing energy and washing-liquid consumption. Pilot plant experiments optimizing the design of scrubbers are time-consuming and expensive because
of the high cost of building prototypes and the multitude of design parameters.
Researchers from the University of Dortmund have developed simulation methods that accurately predict the performance of a wide range of wet scrubber designs. The new approach is based on the Löffler model of particle deposition on droplets; it was implemented employing user-defined subroutines within ANSYS computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software. These user-defined subroutines permit the implementation of new user models and the extensive customization of existing ones to provide additional modeling capabilities, proprietary data or specific boundary conditions

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