New ANSYS AppStore

We are excited to launch a redesigned ANSYS AppStore. Originally built as a simple catalog of simulation applications, the new AppStore is a modern, web-based marketplace that makes it easy for you to search, shop, share and sell your simulation applications. 
Here are a few highlights of the new AppStore:
New website:
A new website that provides you with a modern and easier browsing experience. New filtering and sort capabilities allow faster search of applications based on price, target applications, etc. Each application webpage includes an application description, download link and pricing details.
Brand new buying experience:
The new AppStore provides an eCommerce buying experience that enables you to purchase and download an application within minutes. Not only does it guide a new user through the first-time digital buying experience, it also provides a better overall user experience. Also, you can now purchase an application using several modes of payment such as credit cards, purchase orders, and more.
Unified ANSYS User account:
Customers can shop for both ANSYS (e.g. Discovery) and non-ANSYS applications on the AppStore using a common ANSYS account. The Discovery portal is now combined with the new AppStore. This single account allows our academic customers also to participate in publishing their applications to our AppStore.
Check out the new AppStore here.