Release ANSYS 2019R3

Met plezier kunnen we u melden dat ANSYS release 2019 R3 beschikbaar is. Deze release biedt veel nieuwe interessante features voor allerlei toepassingen waaronder simulaties voor Mechanical, Fluids en Electronics. Een kleine greep uit de nieuwe features:

  • ANSYS Sherlock provides accurate life predictions for electronic hardware
  • ANSYS Motion advanced multibody dynamic solver integrated into Mechanical
  • New Fluent single workflow user experience (Mosaic, Watertight, Fault tolerant meshing)
  • Coupled Field Thermal-Structural for Static/Transient analysis (Strong and Weak coupling)
  • Plastic- and Viscoelastic Heating conditions (e.g. Metal Forming, Brake Pad heating, Plastic Seals, Arc Welding)
  • Inverse Analyses in Workbench Mechanical; calculate original undeformed geometry based on deformed shape
  • Link/Truss option supports Tension- and/or Compression Only behavior
  • Cable option for line bodies
  • Selection of Cross Sections in Mechanical
  • Commands Snippet Syntax Highlighting of APDL commands
  • Smart Selection of vertices, edges and faces without using the selection filters
  • Engineering Data Material View within the Outline tree
  • Smart Crack Growth enhancements (Temperature-, Force- and Displacement BC)
  • Volumetric Force Density transfer from Maxwell to Harmonic Response
  • Cyclic Symmetry Enhancements
  • Rigid Body Dynamics contact force probes
  • SpaceClaim Meshing additional options
  • Improved Workbench integration of ANSYS Composite PrepPost (ACP)
  • Topology Optimization enhancements
  • General Axisymmetric Elements: improvements in contact and imported loads
  • Exterior surface stress/strain evaluation for solid elements
  • User controlled normal direction of SHELL181/281 without modifying element connectivity
  • Reinforcing for Thermal SOLID291 elements
  • Enhancements for piezoelectric analyses
  • Nonlinear Radial Gap Element (CONTAC178) for e.g. rotordynamic analysis
  • Robustness improvements in Quasi-Static and Semi-Implicit analyses
  • CMS for Random Vibration Analysis
  • Crushable Foam Material Model
  • Pre-installed Offshore ACT Extension exposes MAPDL Ocean functionality in Workbench

Voor een volledig overzicht van alle nieuwe features in ANSYS 2019 R3 kunt u kijken bij: What’s New

Klanten met een geldig onderhoudscontract kunnen ANSYS 2019 R3 downloaden van het ANSYS Customerportal