Release ANSYS 2020R1

Met plezier kunnen we u melden dat ANSYS release 2020R1 beschikbaar is. Deze release biedt veel nieuwe interessante features voor allerlei toepassingen waaronder simulaties voor Mechanical, Fluids en Electronics. Een kleine greep uit de nieuwe features:

Usability and Interface
New Mechanical Scripting Pane with “record” option replaces the ACT console

Design Validation for Topology Optimization enables you to directly transfer your optimal faceted geometry to a Mechanical system
Application-Based Transient Solution Settings for Impact Analyses
On-Demand Expansion for Mode Superposition Solution results in reduced solution time for models with many frequency/time steps
Output Controls now also supports Euler Angles, Volume and Energy

Coupled Field Analyses
Using an Imported Load as an Initial Condition or as a Boundary Condition (default)
Several new Capabilities and Enhancements

Condensed parts to define substructures can now be used in a Response Spectrum analysis
Contact Trim option within condensed parts speeds up the generation pass

Geometry and Connections
Create, Modify, and View Cross Sections of beams within Mechanical
Improved display of 2D Edge Contact
New Exponential option to update the Contact Stiffness
Contact Splitting during the solution to speed up distributed runs (DMP)

New Material Properties for Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue:

  • Nonlinear Isotropic Hardening (Power Law and Voce Law)
  • Chaboche Kinematic Hardening with Static Recovery
  • Exponential Visco-Hardening (EVH) Viscoplasticity
  • Perzyna en Peirce Viscoplasticity
  • Multilinear Isotropic Hardening with Static Recovery
  • Hill Yield

Loading and Boundary Conditions
Load Application without Surface Effect Elements (Direct Load)
Importing Body Force Density Loads from Maxwell
Nonlinear Adaptive Region (NLAD) can be used with large deflection off to improve accuracy in regions of high stress concentrations

Results and Post Processing
User-Defined Criteria for Topology Optimization
Envelope calculations for Solution Combination

Additive Manufacturing
Inherent Strain Method available
Strain Scaling Factor for Thermal-Structural AM Simulations to take advantage of machine/material calibrations
Tet-Mesh-to-Voxel-Mesh Connections is now easier using the  macro AMCONNECT
Additive-Print-to-Workbench-Additive Workflow for Support Cutoff 

Voor een volledig overzicht van alle nieuwe features in ANSYS 2020R1 kunt u kijken bij: What’s New

Klanten met een geldig onderhoudscontract kunnen ANSYS 2020R1 downloaden van het ANSYS Customerportal

Er staan diverse update webinars gepland, u kunt het overzicht vinden op onze homepage onder Agenda