Rocky DEM for bulk material simulation

  • Rocky DEM quickly and accurately simulates the flow behavior of bulk materials with complex particle shapes and size distributions.
  • Only in Rocky DEM can you combine the processing power of several GPU cards to accelerate your simulations, enabling you to work with higher volumes of data in less time.
  • It allows modeling of accurate particle shapes which includes custom 3D bodies, 2D shells and fibers which can be made rigid or flexible. You can mix and match different shape, size, flexibility, and adhesion combinations to create your own unique particle sets, not just the typical spheres or sphere clumps found within other DEM programs.
  • Enable your equipment components to move freely in response to forces such as particle contacts, gravity, and more.
  • Currently, two kinds of breakage models are available in Rocky DEM: The Ab-T10 model and the Tavares model. Both models preserve both mass and volume.
  • Rocky DEM is fully integrated with the ANSYS Workbench™ suite of products, allowing engineers to perform various coupled analyses of particle simulation together with other physics such as structural, fluids, and thermal modeling. Making use of this integration enables you to reduce the costs associated with design iteration.

    Rocky DEM and ANSYS


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