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Do you want to verify that your design meets the appropriate (safety) standards? And save time without sacrificing the quality necessary for secure design?

Ansys Systems offers the right tools to reduce analysis effort by efficiently applying quality, safety, reliability, and cyber security analysis at the system, item, software, hardware, and component levels.

Streamline and automate functional safety analysis

Systematic cybersecurity threat analysis and risk assessment

Assess the functional safety of semiconductors

Ansys safety & cybersecurity threat analysis solutions enables the creation of safety concepts, model-based safety analysis, cybersecurity assessment, and safety management for safety-critical E/E and software (SW) controlled systems.  

By using this solution, engineers can deliver safe and secure products, maximize profit margins, reduce time to market, and comply with the main industrial standards like ISO 26262, IEC 61508, ARP 4754A/ARP 4761, ISO  21448, and ISO 21434.

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