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Do you need to visualize electromagnetic fields as well as near and far-field patterns for your antenna (array) design? Are you trying to optimize your electric motor in terms of efficiency without compromising the performance? Or are you having EMI/EMC issues with your Printed Circuit Board? The various modules in the Ansys Electronics portfolio can help you with these and much more!

Simulation of your electronic design with electronics software helps you figure out the behaviour of your product in an early stage of the process. This helps you to discover the critical components of your design and where it can be tweaked and improved, even before making your first prototype. Because of the wide range of possibilities our Electronics solutions have to offer, there will always be a solution for your specific simulation needs.

Automatic Adaptive Meshing

Unprecedented accuracy

Coupled Multiphysics Analysis

Our broad electronics portfolio is designed to cover every possible industry and application, from chip to PCB, from motors to electric cars and from antennas to satellites. With the power of the automatic adaptive meshing technology Ansys Electronics accurately and efficiently calculates all electronic information you need for your design. Coupled with multiphysics simulation you can extend the scope of your analysis to thermal, mechanical and other aspects so you can be flexible and have a good insight of your whole system before making the first prototype.

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