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Using the advanced simulation solutions from Ansys, Infinite helps you with improving the quality of your products, reduce costs and decrease time to market.

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Ansys simulation tools play a crucial role in ensuring the safety, reliability, performance of aerospace systems and components throughout the design and development process.



To remain competitive in the automotive industry, engineering teams have to deliver quality parts as fast as possible. A key element in reducing development time is engineering simulation which allows companies to iterate designs to meet product requirements quickly.



Ansys simulation software is utilized to speed up the modernization process and improve military technology by allowing defense organizations to test and refine strategies and technologies in a controlled environment before deploying them in real-world scenarios.



Designing and obtaining regulatory approval for complex healthcare solutions can be costly and time-consuming. Ansys simulation software offers effective solutions to address these challenges. By using this in silico approach, patient safety can be maximized while making healthcare more affordable.



The transition towards a more sustainable energy industry is happening quickly, and Ansys simulation solutions are playing a key role in accelerating the development of low-carbon technologies while improving the productivity, reliability, safety, and environmental impact of traditional energy sources.


High Tech

To stay afloat, businesses in the high-tech industry must be nimble and innovative. This can be achieved through digital transformation utilizing simulation, which allows for more efficient innovation while minimizing resource consumption and associated costs.


Industrial equipment

Simulation is one of the most important keys for unlocking the full potential of the fourth industrial revolution. It enables manufacturing organizations to virtually validate concepts for the product lifecycle - from identifying problems to reducing accident rates and beyond.


Offshore & Marine

The offshore and marine industries are employing Ansys simulation solutions to understand the impact of environmental loads, identify potential structural weaknesses, and enhance efficiency and safety while delivering their product cost-effectively and sustainably.

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Our Electronics solutions help you solve any electromagnetic, temperature, SI, PI, parasitic, cabling and vibration challenges that you might have! It enables you to completely simulate your design and solve the questions you have. Our experts are available to tell you all about the possibilities this software offers you.

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duration: 1 day

Ansys Discovery Modeling

One day course where we work directly on the geometry which gives you a lot of freedom of movement and other possibilities. 


duration: 2 days

Introduction to Ansys Maxwell

This is a 2-day course combining theoretical lectures and practical workshops, mainly intended for the beginner users of Ansys Maxwell and Electromagnetic simulation. 

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This means that we are certified to sell Ansys solutions and help you with your questions. To become an ‘Elite’ partner, we need to meet high requirements to make sure our service is as good as possible. One of these requirements is that our sales and support team have to follow courses every year to make sure they are up to date with the latest developments!

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