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Do you want to prove your research by simulating your results? Are you a professor and do you want to use Ansys software in your curriculum? Or are you a student in need of simulation solutions for your project?

Especially for academic usage, Ansys offers different modules of regular software. Whether you’re performing groundbreaking research, wanting to use Ansys to teach your students or just want to expand your knowledge, the Ansys solutions on our academic portfolio provide you with whatever you need.

Bundles with multiple software licenses

Simultaneous use of the software by your students

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The Ansys academic portfolio contains the most popular licenses, put together in different bundles to make sure it’s suitable for your lessons or research. Whether you want to perform fluid analyses, make static calculations or consider different material choices… everything is possible. The bundles contain almost all the regular software and are available with different numbers of tasks. This enables students and researchers to use the software simultaneously.

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