Fun Facts about the Innoptus Solar Team!

The Innoptus Solar Team consists of Belgian Engineering students from KU Leuven who aim to build the most innovative and efficient solar car possible.


Right through the Australian Outback, a race over 3021 kilometers. The 2005 World Solar Challenge was the project for the Umicar One, the first Belgian solar car. Today, we are 10 solar cars and thousands of kilometers later, but the challenge remains the same: Designing solar cars and racing them around the world. It illustrates the power of green energy.
The Umicar One finished 10th out of 22 competitors in 2005. Ten cars later, the Innoptus Solar Team aims for 10 steps forward in the ranking, becoming World Champions again this year.


In 2016, Innoptus (then called CadCorner) committed to become a ‘silver’ sponsor of the Solar Team. At that time, Innoptus only had five employees. Meanwhile, the company has grown a lot, but the values are still the same:

  • Promotion of renewable energy
  • Promotion of advance technology
  • Foster interest in science and technology among young people
  • Encourage and facilitate entrepreneurship

These four cornerstones align perfectly with the values of 4ITEGO, where Innoptus is part of: sustainability, expertise, commitment, and integrity.


That is how many engineering students form the basis of the Innoptus Solar Team. Every two years they build a new solar car to enter international competitions. The 10th Belgian solar car will compete in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia this year.

3 ...

The Solar Team became 3rd in the 2017 World Solar Challenge. They achieved this with the Punch 2. The 7th solar car the team had built.

2 ...

Innoptus committed to be main sponsor of the team for the next 2 years! To begin with…
Two years is the standard duration for partnerships, because that is the time they need to build a new car. This does not discourage us from thinking about all the possibilities in the long term!

1 ...

World champion!
The Belgian solar car finished first in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge In 2019. It was the 1st world title for the team, and they are aiming to become champions again this year!
The Solar Team also participated in the iLumen European Solar Challenge in September 2020 and 2021, where they crossed the finish line in first place twice. 

Our adventure with the Solar Team has just started. We will be present at the official Car Presentation in July and will cheer them on while they are defending their World Title in Australia in October!

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