Using Signal & Power Integrity Analysis to optimize your product

Modern electronic products are getting more complex every day. This means that designing them comes with a lot of challenges. If you introduce your product to the market, you want to be sure that there are no signal and/or power issues that your customer might encounter. Ansys tools are here to help you find possible issues and discover how you can overcome them.

Signal & Power Integrity

Signal Integrity means that when a component send out a signal, it is received in the same way. Input and output needs to be exactly the same message.

Power Integrity means that the power that is supplied by a source is transmitted to the components with minimal loss. If the device loses too much power, your product might not operate optimally or as efficient as possible.

Your electronic device needs to be reliable on both these fields. It has to have high functionality while using a minimum amount of power. But with the increased complexity, making sure all components don't interfere with each other and fit in a smaller area each time, is a big challenge.

Simulation = Value

But did you know that using simulations, you can detect these challenges in the early stages of your design process? In this way, simulation can be of a high value for your business. If you don't use digital analysis, you end up repeating the prototyping and testing process multiple times, risking loss of both time and money. Preventing this will help you  design less prototypes and thus save money and accelerate time-to-market.

What simulation does is test your design digitally to locate hotspots, debug existing designs, minimize noise, avoid current crowding and all types of challenges you might encounter. It also gives you the possibility to perform Signal & Power analysis.

Ansys SIwave

To find out if your product is up to your standards in terms of Signal & Power Integrity, you can use Ansys SIwave. This tool is specialized in electronics design and simulation for PCB's and IC. It can perform multiple types of calculations like Electromagnetic analysis in AC & DC, Joule losses and even features circuit model generation. It also can predict DC voltage drops and has EMI and EMC analyses (which we will talk about during our next webinar).

Easy workflow

Ansys SIwave is know for its simulation speed and the easy workflow. The simulation wizards guides you through various steps for setting up your simulation or post process results. It also offers an automatic adaptive mesh refinement process. After the simulation you can easily discover where there's loss of power, noise, voltage drop etc. since they will clearly be marked by SIwave. The software also offers the possibility to use automated pass or fail criteria for various parts such as voltage, current and impedance levels and crosstalk.

‘What if’-analysis

If you have found an area that might become problematic, it is interesting to perform ‘what if’-analysis. Ansys SIwave also offers you this possibility! Change your model a little bit, run the simulation and see what the results are. That way you can improve your layout or for example test new components that you might be interested in using. With a simple click you can see of this new possibility will indeed be better or as good. This predictive way of analyzing helps you design efficiently without excessive real life testing thus saving you time and money while improving your product each step of the way.

Do you want to know more about Ansys SIwave or Signal & Power Integrity?