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Pyrotechnics are used for more than fireworks. Pyrotechnics are employed in products for the defense and aviation, security system, mining, seismic, quarry and construction sectors. Development of pyrotechnic applications making use of controlled explosions presents enormous engineering challenges.

A recent application in the security field required using pyrotechnic properties lasting a few milliseconds and generating temperatures greater than 900 C to heat a liquid for 30 minutes to about 100 C. The challenge for Davey Bickford’s engineering team was to design a heat exchanger that could do the job at a reasonable cost. This required tracking the heat flux generated by the device through a solid thermal diffuser into the liquid to be heated.

Davey Bickford used the ANSYS Mechanical thermal transient model to determine the heat flux generated by the combustion of the pyrotechnic device in the thermal diffuser.

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